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Jan 25 2012

Watching videos together in a Google Hangout with CPsquare

This is cross-posted from…  My fellow-conspirator Sylvia Currie posted a reflection on her blog, too. We’ve had a regular series where CPsquare members and friends go on a virtual field trip to observe something about a community of practice, it’s activities, technologies, or challenges. Today Sylvia Currie and I organized something new — a […]

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Jul 19 2011

A vision with legs – that grows

This post gathers the #chifoo Twitter feed from a presentation by Will Reese (@willreese) at CHIFOO on July 13, 2011.  Both Robert Hughes (@rlhughesPNW) and I (@smithjd) were posting during the session.  I’ve been thinking about whether or how tweets during a talk or a conference can serve as a first draft of a report, […]

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Sep 11 2010

Evolving Skype interface

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I’ve written before about finding the Skype mute button because it’s hard to explain to people during a call (especially when they are the possible source of noise).  Now Skype has reorganized and improved its interface. I’m using the Beta version of Skype 5, which has a few surprises.  For example, when you call someone […]

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Jun 07 2010

Cantilever out from the known

Several people from the Fall 2009 Foundations of Communities of Practice workshop have continued meeting every few months to catch up with each other, find out what people are working on, and swap stories. In a way it’s a CPsquare dream that people should connect so much during a workshop so that they would want […]

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Mar 14 2010

Skype as a community platform

You probably already know that Skype is a great tool – especially for community leaders. If you are a technology steward, you’ve got to know how to use it and talk about it, too. To really talk about how to use a tool we’ve got to talk about all the buttons and about the user’s […]

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Sep 24 2009

A tech steward looking at reading

Last May’s CHIFOO presentation was a great talk about reading by Cathy Marshall. Here are Marshall’s slides from which I’ve borrowed some images to talk about her work in this post. Marshall read (out loud, from the slide on the screen) that: “Nothing is more commonplace than the experience of reading, and yet nothing is […]

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Aug 28 2009

Open webinars

I’ve always found webinar software like WebEx, Elluminate, or GoToMeeting to be constraining and, because they try to be a “total solution” they don’t play well with other uses or software.  Because they’re popular they’re used in situations where they’re inappropriate.  The Digital Habitats wiki, for example, doesn’t go into enough detail about their uses […]

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Jul 03 2009

Twitter for Churches

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Rebecca Egolf, I think, recommended The reason YOUR CHURCH must Twitter; making your ministry contagious by Anthony D. Coppedge and I’ve recommended it to several people since buying the $5 e-book about a week ago. So it comes with excellent ecumenical credentials, since her recommendation said, in effect, that it was “good for synagogues, too.” […]

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Jun 25 2009

Pumping as fast as we can

For a couple of years it wasn’t “a book” but just “an update”.  After our ideas started getting more interesting and more useful, I took to taunting my co-conspirators Etienne Wenger and Nancy White that what is now Digital Habitats “is actually a book.” Later, when we all admitted that it was indeed a book, […]

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Mar 02 2009

Unfinished is good news

“In a community, unfinished is good news” — that’s almost completely obvious and common-place in the world of wiki practitioners and wiki masters. That’s who was there at the Recent Changes camp. In a world of proposals and business plans that aim to be “done with it” and iron out uncertainty before things have begun, […]

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