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Jan 16 2014

Learning about fast learning

Sean Murphy and I have been experimenting with a form of fast learning — and figuring out what we’re doing as we go along.  We’ve evolved from thinking of it as a clinic to something else. The current tag that I’m using on Twitter and in Evernote is mvpOODA. At the very beginning the OODA […]

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Dec 03 2013

Minimum viable process-practice-platform-product

Sean Murphy and I are continuing to explore the process whereby entrepreneurs and innovators figure out what the minimum viable P (process or practice or platform or product) could be.  The idea is that the viable P enables further development and learning.  Without a viable P (that’s fully social) we have blind spots that are […]

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Nov 12 2013

Walking around it to find a problem’s shape

Working together and staying in touch over more than ten years, Sean Murphy and I have tried a lot of different ways of learning together, from each other and from others.   We kept at it and learned from our experience, and we’ve been able to help clients learn. We’ve even helped clients learn to learn.  We’ve […]

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Oct 10 2013

Learning in and around a “known community”

I was recently hired by the KM4Dev  core group to  synthesise the results of the three completed tasks and to provide an analysis of insights and recommendations to KM4Dev as to how it could further develop. We agreed that I would write up process notes on my blog, so I expect to write several posts with observations […]

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Jul 19 2011

A vision with legs – that grows

This post gathers the #chifoo Twitter feed from a presentation by Will Reese (@willreese) at CHIFOO on July 13, 2011.  Both Robert Hughes (@rlhughesPNW) and I (@smithjd) were posting during the session.  I’ve been thinking about whether or how tweets during a talk or a conference can serve as a first draft of a report, […]

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Dec 23 2010

Business models for communities

It may be situated, but learning happens all over the place.  One of the useful things that a community of practice does for us is to provide some useful boundaries for our attention.  We can focus on a set of relationships, conversations, resources, and trajectories that move will our learning forward.   Everything around and outside […]

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Oct 18 2010

Yi-Tan tech and business model case study

Jerry Michalski put out a call for past author / presenters to show up and talk about what’s changed since they talked on his weekly phone call in observance of the 300th call.  I offered to talk about the very simple mix of tools that support the Yi-Tan community (yes, I think of it as […]

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Jul 19 2010

Community Leadership Summit

I went to an the Community Leadership Summit un-conference on Saturday. Lots of familiar Portland faces and only one session I went to was a dud.  That’s a pretty good average! A very nice practice that was not emphasized enough in the opening session was having dozens of etherpad rooms configured so that you could […]

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Oct 14 2009

Technologies for a farming community in Africa

Last week at the KM4Dev conference in Brussels, I struck up a conversation with Joseph Sikeku, who talked about community leadership and technology stewardship in a radically different setting: a radio station in Tanzania.  Sikeku’s project uses an interesting mix of technologies: 5,000 Watt FADECO radio station Small blue “sensor” or integrated circuit audio recorder […]

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Sep 12 2009

Shadow the leader – year 4

I’m organizing the fourth year of CPsquare’s shadow the leader series. We’ll be visiting with Josien Kapma, a Dutch dairy farmer living in Portugal every month for a year.  She’s a member of CPsquare and the leader of “Melken Over De Grens” or “Milking on the border” — It’s a global community for expatriate […]

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