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Dec 05 2018

Community and organization intertwine

I’ve been thinking about how community and organization are intertwined, especially when they are interdependent like they are in churches, synagogues, or mission-driven organizations like Amnesty International.  The formation of a process team that’s focused on governance in Shambhala prompts me to write some of my thoughts down. Community and organization are different social entities […]

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Jan 02 2010

Working the past

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A key story in Charlotte Linde‘s Working the Past; Narrative and Institutional Memory (New York: Oxford University Press, 2009)  is about an insurance company that was having trouble getting its agents to sell certain policies.  The company’s management wanted to know whether the problem was a learning problem (e.g., so you’d “solve it” by having […]

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Mar 15 2009

In Search of Excellence for the Portland, Oregon OD Network

I’ve been on the “leadership team” of the Portland ODN more or less continuously for the last 10 years. I’ve found ODN to be a nice face-to-face home professionally, even though my work is very different from what most OD professionals do. But I thought that being on the leadership team would be fun and […]

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Feb 02 2009

A video interview about Digital Habitats

Ward Cunningham just recently set up his own channel on YouTube and has edited a conversation we had last Fall.  His philosophy for conducting interviews is simple and effective: make guests feel comfortable and ask them questions that make them look good. He did a great job making me feel comfortable. We start by talking […]

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Jun 26 2008

A super-tweet: autoethnography at work

Woke up thinking about all that could be done — and that had to be done today. Before walking the dog, at 6:15 am, I went through the previous night’s email on Outlook, looked at my schedule and made some plans: A workshop payment mix-up (money going to a personal Paypal account rather than the […]

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Jan 15 2007

Five jobs you didn’t know about

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Joitske tagged me. It looks like a pyramid scam in the sense that I’m supposed to pass it on, but I’ll play. Decided to write about 5 jobs I had while growing up in Puerto Rico. In chronological order: I was a stock room clerk for a summer at Ryder Memorial Hospital central stores, at […]

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Aug 02 2006

People talking in another language

At 4:37 AM Sydney time, Shawn sends me a message on Skype chat: Shawn: Hi John Shawn: When I call the Skype conf call number there are people talking in another language. Is this a timeshare arrangement? John: yikes! Somehow, I imagine the worst! We have vandals taking over our telephone bridge! Is the new […]

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