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Dec 03 2013

Minimum viable process-practice-platform-product

Sean Murphy and I are continuing to explore the process whereby entrepreneurs and innovators figure out what the minimum viable P (process or practice or platform or product) could be.  The idea is that the viable P enables further development and learning.  Without a viable P (that’s fully social) we have blind spots that are […]

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Nov 12 2013

Walking around it to find a problem’s shape

Working together and staying in touch over more than ten years, Sean Murphy and I have tried a lot of different ways of learning together, from each other and from others.   We kept at it and learned from our experience, and we’ve been able to help clients learn. We’ve even helped clients learn to learn.  We’ve […]

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Dec 31 2008

Formalizing stories about community leadership

I’m working with several meta-communities: communities of practice made up of people who are themselves supporting communities.  Of course CPsquare is very much my “main meta-community” but I’m a bit surprised at how these meta-communities are turning up.  (I guess I shouldn’t be, since that’s where I started 10 years ago working to get a […]

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Dec 28 2007

Gathering experience with teleconferences

There’s a pattern that’s developed in CPsquare and that I’ve been purposeful in developing elsewhere. I think it has lots of good learning practice built into it.  I put it on a public Google doc for a while, but since I haven’t received any comments about it for a while, I decided it was stable […]

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Dec 22 2007

Ground, Path and Fruition

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Recently I read a wonderful article by Jean Lave where she asked the simple question, “what’s a learning theory?” and suggests some questions to ask about learning theory instances. Jean Lave (1996) “Teaching, as Learning, in Practice” Mind, Culture, and Activity 3 (3), 149-164. On page 156 she says: “[Martin Packer] asked [what a […]

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Oct 26 2007

Coaching from a learner’s perspective

I keep thinking and learning more about coaching because it seems that “coach-like” interactions are a useful way of structuring interactions with clients. But I always feel a little uncomfortable with the baggage around and lack of theory about “coaching.” I wonder how it is that coaching helps people learn? Reading a wonderful article by […]

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Jan 21 2007

Multiple blogs for multiple purposes

I’m noticing that because setting up a blog is so easy, rather than having one blog that serves all purposes, people set up many special-purpose blogs. Here are the blogs I’ve posted to within the last week, each having a special purposes: CPsquare News CPsquare Education News Technology for Communities Prato Dialog Coaching community leaders […]

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