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Sep 19 2006

Automatic log-in to Web Crossing

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This is a great example of how a new question leads to a little time-saving solution that several people have asked for. Somewhere in CPsquare, Bill Bruck asked: Is there a way to write and bookmark a URL that will allow signgle sign-on to this space? For instance, it might look like: I realized that […]

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Sep 09 2006

Seeing what you get

I just ran into one of those old chestnuts of facilitation and design on the net: what you see is not the same as what others see. I’m juggling a lot of things (launching the Foundations of Communities of Practice workshop, a “dissertation fest” series in CPsquare and the Prato Dialog) while trying to read […]

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Sep 01 2006

Preparing the collaborative capacity to learn

Beth Kantor writes about collaborative note capture at conferences using Web2.0 tools, emphasizing that it’s all about the learning. She gives a great example, where several people collaborate to produce a remix of Nancy White’s Northern Voice 2006 Canadian Blogger Conference presentation. I think it’s really great what connected, technically adept people can do to […]

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