Jun 20 2008

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An Online Workshop as a Community of Practice: References and Contact information


1. Etienne Wenger (2001) “Supporting Communities of Prctice; a survey of community oriented technologies,” self-published at http://www.ewenger.com/tech/

2. Peter Putz and Patricia Arnold (2000): “ ‘Communities of Practice’ – a seminal concept for virtual higher education,” paper presented at the Seventh International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT-C 2000), September 11-13, 2000, UMIST Manchester, UK.

3. Don Cohen and Laurence Prusak, In Good Company; How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work (Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press, 2000)

4. More information about the workshop itself is available at: http://www.CPsquare.org/edu

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