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Jul 31 2006

Designing community boundaries

The other day, I was rushing to follow up on a planning session with Susan Nyrop, where we preparing for the next session with Steve Denning. I had agreed to send an email to people who were involved in the discussion. But who were they? I had the choice of either sending a message to […]

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Jul 27 2006

21st Century teaching curriculum

The Portland Ed Cluster ( ) is a consortium of Portland companies working in the learning / elearning area. It’s a small community of practice that I’ve felt I should connect with, even though what I do seems pretty different from their norm. I’ve been to a couple meetings and hopped on my bike […]

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Jul 25 2006

Hello world!

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Setting up a blog — getting all the technology right — is a bit of a project, even though I hear tell it’s just the beginning. I’ve been thinking about what to do and how to do it for a couple of months. There are lots of decisions, aesthetic, functional and technical. Not to mention […]

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