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Jun 07 2010

Cantilever out from the known

Several people from the Fall 2009 Foundations of Communities of Practice workshop have continued meeting every few months to catch up with each other, find out what people are working on, and swap stories. In a way it’s a CPsquare dream that people should connect so much during a workshop so that they would want […]

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Sep 10 2009

What it takes to detect absence or silence

In considering whether to take the Foundations of Communities of Practice workshop, a PhD student in the healthcare field wrote asking whether the workshop would be useful to her, given what she was doing: I am going to examine what [communities of practice are already there in an academic health care setting] …. or as […]

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Aug 22 2008

Visiting with University of Puerto Rico librarians

It was really hot on August 13, the last day of my vacation visiting my brothers in Puerto Rico. But, in more ways than one, it was really cool inside the library at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras, where all of my friends from high school went to college. I was hosted […]

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