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Oct 31 2006

Practice makes perfect?

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Very nice to see a photograph that I took a month ago doctored up in such a way as to make its meaning even clearer and more amusing. I wonder whether we get better at multi-tasking? It certainly does have an adictive power. At the same time I find that focusing on one thing for […]

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Oct 28 2006

Synchronizing daylight saving change

When you work across many time zones, you do time arithmetic in your head, counting on your fingers and very roughly if need be. Portugal is 8 hours ahead of Portland, etc. However, when it comes to publishing the time for a meeting that can involve people from all over the world, I always use […]

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Oct 27 2006

Seeing if the talk will walk

Although the whole technology for communities project comes out of our practice with specific communities, during gestation and birthing it’s easy to start worrying about how our thinking may have gotten far removed from actual practice. It’s easy to wonder, “Maybe we’re just talking to each other… (Maybe we’re having too much fun.) Maybe it’s […]

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Oct 23 2006

Intuitive clocks

I used to use The Economist as a measure of how busy I was. Ever since I began reading it in 1989, I’ve always read it from front to back, one issue after another. I’ve chuckled at myself, comparing myself to the Joseph Conrad character who lived in the Congo and opened up an issue […]

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Oct 09 2006

Being there

The view outside my window this week reminds me of the Klauder style of architecture at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I worked as an intern after finishing a masters degree in architecture. The Prato Dialog is over and I’m now at the CIRN Conference, which is held within the electronic boundaries of […]

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Oct 01 2006

On my way to the Prato Dialogue

I’m sitting in the Portland Airport enjoying the calm between storms: all the packing and harried traversal of to-do lists is behind me. The Portland Airport has free wi-fi, which seems very civilized and changes waiting for a late departure into a chance to slow down and do some more electronic catching up. During the […]

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