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Nov 30 2006

Analyzing audience feedback, part 2

“Average response” vs. response of the “average person”. The point of using the middle response as a representation of the whole group is that you capture what the person in the middle of the distribution said, without being influenced by the tails (whether positive or negative): Middle: Invigorating. Very interesting dialogue on 3 tensions Interesting, […]

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Nov 29 2006

Analyzing audience feedback

Although Nancy White’s posting on “Feedback from Sydney LearnScope Event” was written at the end of her marathon in Australia, I’ve thought about it quite a few times since then, perhaps because of the strong feelings I had after our workshop at the Prato Conference during the same month. Capturing feedback in a wiki is […]

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Nov 23 2006

Ambiguity ok, according to some

Lilia Efimova and Nancy White were talking about some of the ideas in our technology for communities project and Lilia comments on how “community” seems like a problematic term to some people because it’s ambiguous – it gets used in many different ways and at different scales. I like the argument that King and Frost […]

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Nov 20 2006

Online sclera: bringing the whites of their eyes ever closer

In his article about “How to use to foster collaboration” Shawn Callahan talks about social bookmarking as a way to distribute work across a team, community or network. I do notice myself using the bookmarks that people in my community store in as he describes (in the sense of copying their bookmarks, referring […]

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