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Jan 25 2012

Watching videos together in a Google Hangout with CPsquare

This is cross-posted from…  My fellow-conspirator Sylvia Currie posted a reflection on her blog, too. We’ve had a regular series where CPsquare members and friends go on a virtual field trip to observe something about a community of practice, it’s activities, technologies, or challenges. Today Sylvia Currie and I organized something new — a […]

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Dec 23 2010

Business models for communities

It may be situated, but learning happens all over the place.  One of the useful things that a community of practice does for us is to provide some useful boundaries for our attention.  We can focus on a set of relationships, conversations, resources, and trajectories that move will our learning forward.   Everything around and outside […]

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Jun 07 2010

Cantilever out from the known

Several people from the Fall 2009 Foundations of Communities of Practice workshop have continued meeting every few months to catch up with each other, find out what people are working on, and swap stories. In a way it’s a CPsquare dream that people should connect so much during a workshop so that they would want […]

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Sep 12 2009

Shadow the leader – year 4

I’m organizing the fourth year of CPsquare’s shadow the leader series. We’ll be visiting with Josien Kapma, a Dutch dairy farmer living in Portugal every month for a year.  She’s a member of CPsquare and the leader of “Melken Over De Grens” or “Milking on the border” — It’s a global community for expatriate […]

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Oct 24 2008

Sneaking into EPIC 2008

Last week was the fall vacation for universities in Denmark, so their facilities were used for conferences such as AoIR 9.0 and EPIC 2008.  Many of the people who participated in either conference did not seem to know about the other one, even though to me there were many connections and overlaps. There was a […]

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Aug 05 2008

After all the administrivia

CPsquare is having a book club event, where everyone is invited to read a book about communities of practice together. Sounds simple enough, right? Fortunately or unfortunately Communities of Practice: Creating Learning Environments for Educators is a book where, if you’re interested in communities of practice, you might want to read all the book chapters. […]

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Jun 27 2008

CPsquare Newsletter: events, conferences, and books

I’m posting this here because CPsquare’s blogs are broken (soon to be moved & updated). CPsquare book club: We’ll be reading selected chapters from Communities of Practice: Creating Learning Environments for Educators, edited by Chris Kimble, Paul Hildreth, and Isabelle Bourdon. See the table of contents for both volumes. Several of the authors are members […]

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May 20 2008

Growing better legs and pockets

During the Council meeting at the Portland Shambhala Center last week, Paul Refalo, the Center’s director observed that he can always give two alternative responses to the question of “How’s the Shambhala Center?” He can say that things are falling apart and that they are just coming together. And he said he could give substantial […]

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May 14 2008

Pockets and legs on Facebook groups

A dollar is not a dollar: it depends on which stash it’s kept in. Josien Kapma and I have been doggedly working in and around CPsquare on the question of how to put pockets and legs on small online communities for at least a year. By legs, we mean helping communities get places (usually requiring […]

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Apr 08 2008

Multi-dimensional fun

I’ve just spent 2 days with folks from Harvard Business School Publishing, 2 days holed up in a hotel working on “the book“, and 2 days with Jewish educators at the PEJE conference. To top it all off, here’s dinner with some really cool members and friends of CPsquare, recorded and broadcast live by Beth […]

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