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Jun 22 2007

The difference between software design and use

Guy Nadivi of made some interesting comments on my post about his company’s software in an email. It’s really messy to take comments out of an email in MS Outlook at put them into a posting in Word Press, but I thought they were so interesting I’d quote them here with his permission. His […]

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Jun 20 2007

IntroNetworks: A web service to help you get to the conversation

I’ve been thinking about how the use of technology can change events for a long time. Participating in distributed communities like CPsquare has caused me to travel more than ever before, but the design of events such as conferences and dialogs themselves seems resistant to the use of technology. Especially since the first two International […]

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Jun 20 2007

How you get there matters

Information technologies and a community of practice perspective can change how we design events, making them more productive and more fun. Beverly Trayner and I wrote about earlier projects and holding another dialog in Setúbal was an opportunity to observe, practice and design. For this dialog we had a public blog, a private wiki, weekly […]

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