Oct 01 2006

On my way to the Prato Dialogue

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I’m sitting in the Portland Airport enjoying the calm between storms: all the packing and harried traversal of to-do lists is behind me. The Portland Airport has free wi-fi, which seems very civilized and changes waiting for a late departure into a chance to slow down and do some more electronic catching up. During the nextt two weeks I have some work in Utrecht, some time with friends in The Netherlands and then two events in Italy: our Prato Dialog which is actually in Florence and the CIRN Conference which is actually in Prato. These two events follow the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC 2006) directly.

I’ve been thinking about Beth Kantor’s comments about blogging presentations at conferences and related (like, Capturing Collaborative Knowledge from Nonprofit Events: Your Event’s Tag ). There are several variants here:

  • For the Prato Dialog, we’re trying to make part of the event happen in public on the event’s blog and inviting participants from the Foundations Workshop to observe and participate.
  • For the EPIC conference, there was a lot of fascinating material, but I was too busy soaking it up to be able to take notes, much less publish them. I hope to write about the experience soon, including an interview with Brigitte Jordan.
  • For the CIRN conference, I will try to report what I hear here. I’m thinking they’ll have wi-fi, just like home and so all the challenges of reporting will be social and intellectual, not logistical!

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