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May 20 2008

Growing better legs and pockets

During the Council meeting at the Portland Shambhala Center last week, Paul Refalo, the Center’s director observed that he can always give two alternative responses to the question of “How’s the Shambhala Center?” He can say that things are falling apart and that they are just coming together. And he said he could give substantial […]

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May 14 2008

Pockets and legs on Facebook groups

A dollar is not a dollar: it depends on which stash it’s kept in. Josien Kapma and I have been doggedly working in and around CPsquare on the question of how to put pockets and legs on small online communities for at least a year. By legs, we mean helping communities get places (usually requiring […]

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May 06 2008

Surplus time, work, diabetes, and the “connected futures” workshop

One of the issues around participation in communities of practice is “having enough time.” We challenge people to declare that they have enough time before participating in a CPsquare workshop. But people have always experienced a lot of desire and some disappointment during the Foundations workshop. It seems like there is always more to be […]

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May 04 2008

Learning about technology stewardship in the “Connected Futures” workshop

In a simpler setting, when we’re launching the Foundations Workshop, for example, I have developed a whole set of heuristics for figuring out when people are engaged and the degree to which they are connecting with the group. Some of the tell-tales I use include: Have they logged on? Have they sent me their picture […]

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