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Talks and papers that reflect current and recent work:

  • 2010
  • 2008
    • Patricia Arnold, John D. Smith, J., and Beverly Trayner, (in Press): Where do we meet next time? – an autoethnography of the negotiation of place, identity and technology in a community of practice. Angenommener Konferenzbeitrag Tagung der Association of Internet Research in Copenhagen, 15-18.10.2008
  • 2007
    • Patricia Arnold, John D. Smith, J., and Beverly Trayner,(2007): “Narrative, community memory and technologies – or writing a literature review in high modernity.” In Larry Stillmann and Graeme Johanson (eds): Constructing and Sharing Memory: Community Informatics, Identity and Empowerment: Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 18-29.
  • 2006
    • Patricia Arnold, John D. Smith, and Beverly Trayner (2006), “Narrative: designing for Context in Virtual Settings” in Antonio Dias Figueiredo and Ana Paula Afonso (eds) Managing learning in virtual settings: the role of context (Hershey, Pa.: Information Science Publishing), pp. 197-218.
    • Joitske Hulsebosch, Saskia Harmsen, and John D. Smith, “Train the trainers or let the trainers train themselves? The case of a community readiness assessment for ICT for development trainers”, IICD Research Brief – June 2006. PDF and Word versions.
  • 2005
    • John D. Smith and Beverly Trayner (2005) “Weaving Together Online and Face-To-Face Learning: A Design From A Communities Of Practice Perspective,” AACE E-Learn 2005 Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Available here.
    • Microsoft Social Computing Symposium 2005 position statement
  • 2004
    • Ellen L. Wild, Patricia A. Richmond, Louis de Merode, and John D. Smith, “All Kids Count Connections: A Community of Practice on Integrating Child Health Information Systems“, in J Public Health Management Practice, 2004, November(supl), S61-S65.
    • John D. Smith, Communities of Practice and Online Learning in Ann Kovalchick and Kara Dawson (Eds.), Education and Technology: An Encyclopedia (Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 2004), p. 134, Vol I.
    • “Building Sustainable Communities of Practice” (book chapter with Bronwyn Stuckey) in Paul Hildreth and Chris Kimble (Eds.) Knowledge Networks: Innovation through Communities of Practice (in press).
    • Bronwyn Stuckey and John Smith, Sustaining Communities of Prctice (IADIS Conference, Lisbon (This paper reports on the activities and practices of seven leaders whose efforts to sustain their successful communities of practice have lessons for practitioners and researchers. These leaders kept their communities connected, helped them collaborate and working online to develop an area of expertise over sustained periods of time. The seven leaders attended both to assuring continuity and stability at the same time as they supported the evolution and transformation of their communities. The themes that these successful leaders focused on were: being together inside their communities, maintaining boundaries around their communities, and drawing nourishment from their communities? environments as they responded to environmental challenges.)
  • 2003
  • 2002
  • 2001
  • 1999

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