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Mar 14 2010

Skype as a community platform

You probably already know that Skype is a great tool – especially for community leaders. If you are a technology steward, you’ve got to know how to use it and talk about it, too. To really talk about how to use a tool we’ve got to talk about all the buttons and about the user’s […]

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Feb 12 2008

Phone bridges as platforms that play well with other platforms

The communities I work with seem to be using telephone bridges more and more. Those phone bridges are acquiring more features (so I think of them more like a platform with several tools on them rather than simple tools). For example, phone bridge platforms can send email announcements scheduling a call and make a recording […]

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Dec 09 2007

Finding the mute button on Skype

For some reason it’s sometimes hard to find the “mute” button on a Skype call. It’s not one of those things you usually pay attention to. But it can suddenly be very important to find it when someone is calling via a poor quality Internet connection that introduces clicks, echoes, and other extraneous sounds into […]

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Feb 21 2007

Coping with noise on a phone bridge

I’m continuing to use High Speed Conferencing as a phone bridge because it combines Skype and POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) as I described here. The economics of communication shape how communities get together: many of the groups I work with include some people who can’t participate without Skype and others who can’t participate unless […]

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Aug 13 2006

Phone bridges and email

Often a tool’s utility for a community of practice is affected by how it works with other tools as much as how it works by itself. I used to think of phone bridges as free-standing tools, but I’ve come to think of them as a key community resources that needs to fit into a constellation […]

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