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Aug 29 2007

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Online Invitation service from Tool to arrange and schedule meetings and other events. As a productivity tool it makes the planning process easier and more effective. Saves results directly to Outlook. (tags: meetings scheduling tools)

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Aug 28 2007

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Guest speakers in previous Foundations workshops (tags: guests)

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Aug 10 2007

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GrowingPains: Communities & Technologies 2007 Aldo de Moor’s trip report. (tags: cct2007)

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Aug 07 2007

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IT Conversations: Jon Udell interviews Ken Banks In Africa text messaging is the medium of choice, but how do you automate the use of SMS? For charities and non-profit organizations, Banks has developed FrontlineSMS to manage all kinds of details. (tags: SMS technology_stewardship techreport) MPI – Meeting Professionals International Human connections to the meeting industry’s […]

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Aug 06 2007

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Mindjet: Software for Visualizing and Using Information (tags: mindmap tools software)

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Aug 05 2007

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Published by under – Welcome to TheBrain Several different editions, ranging from free to “pro” to organizational level products. (tags: mindmap software visualization tools)

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Aug 04 2007

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CmapTools – Home Page Cmap.html The IHMC Cmap Tools software empowers users to construct, navigate, share, and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps. (tags: mindmap software tools)

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Aug 03 2007

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Project Management Constituent Group | Community | EDUCAUSE (tags: highereducation projectmanagement) Measuring Communities of Practice » SlideShare Karsten Wolf and Andreas Rausch C&T 2007 presentation. (tags: cct2007 communitiesofpractice measurement)

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Aug 02 2007

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The ‘Most Significant Change’ (MSC) Technique: A Guide to Its Use aimed at those who wish to use MSC to help monitor and evaluate their social change programs and projects. MSC is applicable in many different sectors, including agriculture, education and health, and especially in development programs. (tags: evaluation development reflection)

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