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Jun 12 2017

Feedback from the Cascadia R Conference participants

I helped organize the Cascadia R Conference on June 3, 2017. About 190 people attended the all-day conference.  I volunteered to do the conference evaluation questionnaire and to analyze the results. We adapted a questionnaire that the CSV, Conf, 3 had used and used a Google Form to gather  feedback at the end of the […]

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Dec 16 2011

Access to a world of practice

How communities of practice give us access to observing, orienting, deciding, and acting in a world of practice. Happy Corner, where the tailors studied by Jean Lave (2011) worked in the 1970’s, was a remarkable community of practice.  The community provided resources an individual couldn’t afford like sewing machines or cutting tables, real-time help making […]

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Aug 22 2008

Visiting with University of Puerto Rico librarians

It was really hot on August 13, the last day of my vacation visiting my brothers in Puerto Rico. But, in more ways than one, it was really cool inside the library at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras, where all of my friends from high school went to college. I was hosted […]

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Jun 22 2007

The difference between software design and use

Guy Nadivi of made some interesting comments on my post about his company’s software in an email. It’s really messy to take comments out of an email in MS Outlook at put them into a posting in Word Press, but I thought they were so interesting I’d quote them here with his permission. His […]

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Feb 21 2007

Coping with noise on a phone bridge

I’m continuing to use High Speed Conferencing as a phone bridge because it combines Skype and POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) as I described here. The economics of communication shape how communities get together: many of the groups I work with include some people who can’t participate without Skype and others who can’t participate unless […]

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Dec 23 2006

How long is our collective “now”?

An important question that frames many others in evaluating an event is “How long is our collective ‘now’?” or, in other words, are we evaluating a one-off event that’s over and done with or are we evaluating a moment in the course of a longer relationship? There are risks when you assume that the context […]

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Nov 30 2006

Analyzing audience feedback, part 2

“Average response” vs. response of the “average person”. The point of using the middle response as a representation of the whole group is that you capture what the person in the middle of the distribution said, without being influenced by the tails (whether positive or negative): Middle: Invigorating. Very interesting dialogue on 3 tensions Interesting, […]

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Nov 29 2006

Analyzing audience feedback

Although Nancy White’s posting on “Feedback from Sydney LearnScope Event” was written at the end of her marathon in Australia, I’ve thought about it quite a few times since then, perhaps because of the strong feelings I had after our workshop at the Prato Conference during the same month. Capturing feedback in a wiki is […]

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