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Jul 31 2007

links for 2007-08-01

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Why Would Social Networks Be Linked to Affect and Health Practices? Those with more diverse social networks (higher in social integration [SI]) are healthier than those with less diverse networks. SI may alter health because it affects responsiveness to the social influences of others. (tags: socialcontagion health smoking alcohol) Prospective Associations of Co-Rumination With Friendship […]

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Jul 30 2007

links for 2007-07-31

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Peer to Patent, Community Patent Review Peer-to-Patent opens the patent examination process to public participation for the first time. Help the USPTO find the information relevant to assessing the claims of pending patent applications. Become a community reviewer and improve the quality . (tags: socialsoftware copexample patents innovation) Groklaw – Digging for Truth Large and […]

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Jul 28 2007

links for 2007-07-29

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Using Elgg as an ePortfolio Mechanics of using Elgg as an ePortfolio repository. (tags: eportfolios video) NDLR Modern Languages’ Community of Practice » About This blog is for the Modern Languages Community of Practice (CoP) in the HEA-supported National Digital Learning Repository (NDLR) project. It is a site for anyone who is involved in teaching […]

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Jul 27 2007

links for 2007-07-28

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html2wiki – Convert HTML text to wiki markup Speaks a dozen different wiki dialects! 🙂 (tags: wiki html converter tools) Reinventing the conference, blogger and new media style (tags: conference interesting2007)

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Jul 27 2007

Services to support conferences and meetings

We live in an interconnected world where machines log on to other machines to do work on our behalf. That’s what now does every night: it gathers up all the tagging I did during the previous day and posts it on this blog. It’s part of a mashed-up, service-oriented world. I’m writing this posting […]

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Jul 26 2007

links for 2007-07-27

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TaskStream – Tools of Engagement (tags: eportfolios education software) NEJM — The Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network over 32 Years (tags: socialNetworkAnalysis health research obesity) Kevin Kelly — Street Use (tags: technology hacks) (tags: blogging widget) Community Leader Survey The “most valuable” option was a world-wide face to face meeting, with […]

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Jul 23 2007

Where comunities dwell and mashup corporations

Shirley Williams and I heard about the book at the same time, but she read it right away and I’m still wending my way through it. Andy Mulholland, Chris S. Thomas, Paul Kurchina with Dan Woods, Mashup Corporations; the End of Business as Usual; A chronicle of Service-Oriented Business Transformation (New York, NY: Evolved Media […]

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