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Apr 30 2020

A conversation about chats and virtual events

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My friend Caren and I recorded a conversation about an online (Zoom) event that I hosted today. I described my process and we explored topics such as: Planing events Setting up chat ice-breakers Knitting together the different elements, tools, events across time Creating safe – and sacred – spaces and more Here’s the video! An […]

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Apr 20 2020

Chat for reflection and inquiry

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The coronavirus is offering more opportunities to facilitate online meetings and therefore reflect on how I use chat to bring people together and help them connect more deeply. I have a little chat structure that I’m using again and again, with variations. It involves a series of chat prompts, where everyone is instructed to reflect […]

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Apr 16 2020

Putting chat transcripts to work

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I’ve been writing about how to get more from chat transcripts for a long time. And a recent count in Evernote shows chat history back to 2013 (105 of them containing notes from one-to-one conversations with learning partners). Recently I’ve found a couple methods that make a chat even more useful. I want to throw […]

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Mar 10 2020

A field trip agenda – for better meetings

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I’m always inspired by Nancy White, and this effort to respond to COVID-19 is a perfect example of why. It reminded me that I’ve been sitting on a “field trip agenda” that I developed to help people on the Shambhala Process Team hold better meetings on Zoom. I’m sharing it here, as is, since perfection […]

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Nov 22 2019

Reconnecting a community — in public

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I sat down with my friend Howard Silverman to talk about prototyping methods for connecting a community to itself. The particular community of practice that I’m working with connects face-to-face (or doesn’t connect sometimes) but is also connecting via the Internet: via the Presencing Institute‘s U.Lab MOOC, through a global network of similar meditation centers […]

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Dec 08 2008

Community as lens

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CPsquare has a long tradition of holding “sidecar events,” where we meet before or after (and hang out together during) a related conference. In October, we had a sidecar event after the AoIR 9.0 meeting in Copenhagen. The larger conference justifies the effort and expense of travel and gives a smaller (day long) CPsquare event […]

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