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Apr 22 2008

Reflecting on the LLP Conference

At the end of January I led an effort in CPsquare to hold a conference that we titled, “Long Live the Platform.” It was a great experience. Sue Wolff took the lead in writing a report that describes the method of organizing the conference, the sustaining motivations driving participant roles, and some of the memorable […]

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Jan 08 2008

Long Live the Platform

Think that TWITTER may not be enough of a platform for your community of practice? Need something more homey than Think that a full-fledged platform THAT YOU PAY FOR may be needed? I’ve thought for a long time that how you look at and assess the fit between a community and its platform matters […]

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Sep 27 2007

Facilitating with IntroNetworks

Elliott Masie always does a great job creating buzz for his events, and his use of IntroNetworks pushes the use of the software to the next level by having people like Sarah Lynes, a member of his staff, facilitate the whole colleague discovery process for big conferences. His screen-cast gives a sense of who attends […]

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Jul 27 2007

Services to support conferences and meetings

We live in an interconnected world where machines log on to other machines to do work on our behalf. That’s what now does every night: it gathers up all the tagging I did during the previous day and posts it on this blog. It’s part of a mashed-up, service-oriented world. I’m writing this posting […]

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Jun 22 2007

The difference between software design and use

Guy Nadivi of made some interesting comments on my post about his company’s software in an email. It’s really messy to take comments out of an email in MS Outlook at put them into a posting in Word Press, but I thought they were so interesting I’d quote them here with his permission. His […]

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Jun 20 2007

IntroNetworks: A web service to help you get to the conversation

I’ve been thinking about how the use of technology can change events for a long time. Participating in distributed communities like CPsquare has caused me to travel more than ever before, but the design of events such as conferences and dialogs themselves seems resistant to the use of technology. Especially since the first two International […]

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Mar 23 2007

SAO panel on online social networking for marketing executives

Tuesday morning I was on a panel for a breakfast session on Online Social Networking. Breakfast is a pretty nice thing at the The Governor Hotel, so the bottles of red wine that I saw out the corner of my eye seemed really odd. It turned out that the panelists were given a nice bottle […]

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Mar 07 2007

Defining a coaching relationship

Yesterday I was talking with a graduate student who’s studying e-coaching — a subject that seemed broad enough that I wanted to define more precisely what kind of coaching interests me: Coaching a community leader happens through a sustained conversation that is focused on the ongoing leadership practice of one partner (the coachee), drawing upon […]

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Jan 21 2007

Multiple blogs for multiple purposes

I’m noticing that because setting up a blog is so easy, rather than having one blog that serves all purposes, people set up many special-purpose blogs. Here are the blogs I’ve posted to within the last week, each having a special purposes: CPsquare News CPsquare Education News Technology for Communities Prato Dialog Coaching community leaders […]

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Nov 30 2006

Analyzing audience feedback, part 2

“Average response” vs. response of the “average person”. The point of using the middle response as a representation of the whole group is that you capture what the person in the middle of the distribution said, without being influenced by the tails (whether positive or negative): Middle: Invigorating. Very interesting dialogue on 3 tensions Interesting, […]

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