Sep 09 2009

Interviewing Nancy White

Here’s an 8-minute interview with Nancy White, where I ask her several questions about what’s important about Digital Habitats, how the book came to be, and what’s left out. You can tell that I’ve edited out about 10 minutes of discussion. This could have been a very long conversation since we both feel the topic is important and we both have learned how to get the other person to dig into their experience. But I wanted to do a short interview, so I chopped out most of what I said.

Nancy White and I go way back, since Margaret McIntyre said I should look her up and I volunteered to help at a conference in exchange for bunking on the White House floor almost 10 years ago. We’d worked on many projects together by the time the book project got going. Of course there’s nothing like working on a book for five and a half years together to really make friends…

Technology stewardship is something that people are doing whether it’s cool or not. Talking about the book in this way reminds me that it’s very important that our thinking came from actual practice. We were practitioners first, authors and “students of technology stewardship” later. So talking about the book like this tends to naturally look back at the past and look forward toward the future. As a result there are many things we want to know about the future of our practice and the future of yours. Where does the book lead you?

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    Very descriptive article, I liked that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

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