Dec 28 2007

Gathering experience with teleconferences

There’s a pattern that’s developed in CPsquare and that I’ve been purposeful in developing elsewhere. I think it has lots of good learning practice built into it.  I put it on a public Google doc for a while, but since I haven’t received any comments about it for a while, I decided it was stable enough to post as a page in its own right on our tools wiki.  I recommend this practice, especially for coaching conversations.

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One Response to “Gathering experience with teleconferences”

  1. Sean Murphy says:

    This is a great recipe for blending on-line tools with synchronous voice for group collaboration. I had heard Clay Shirky give his “A group is it’s own enemy talk” where he passed along some nuggets about how to combine a wiki with chat with voice, but your approach goes well beyond.

    I actually blogged about another of your insights as well here:

    Shirky’s Group Talk is written up here:

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