Aug 13 2006

Recording phone calls

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Recording telephone community meetings — for absent members or distributed note-taking

Although asynchronous text-based discussions may be the life-blood for distributed communities of practice, meeting on the phone can provide a big boost of energy, help a community think together about a problem, or sort out the priorities. Here is how I do it for CPsquare and other communities that I support.

When I use a telephone bridge to link everyone together:

    Use a Line Interface Unit (eg. Radio Shack 43-228A) to connect your phone to an audio recorder. I use a Sony ICD-ST25 which has a USB cable to download sound files to a PC in a proprietary format. It comes with an easy-to-use Digital Voice Editor with a nice interface for editing and snipping the recordings or chopping them into useful sections. The Sony Digital Voice Editor reads the very compact proprietary format and can write Wav and other formats (which are huge).Then I use Fleximusic to convert the Wav file into to a small MP3 file. I upload the file to a place on the Web where communitiy members can download it.

When a community uses Skype for a meeting, then I use PowerGrammo. It produces files in a proprietary format that’s very compact, but can write an MP3 file.

Among other things, this approach gives absent members access to the conversation and it can distribute the work of taking notes.

Many telephone bridges will produce a recording, too.

See our other Telephone and Teleconference resources.

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