Aug 13 2006

Meeting on a phone bridge

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Many communities need to use phone calls and teleconferences to “think together”. For communities that interact primarily using asynchronous technologies, a phone call can be a significant boost.

Calculate the time and let people know when the meeting will occur. Calculating time zones correctly is essential so something like the World Clock is an essential tool:

Use a “daisy chain” for small groups: user 1 calls user 2, who conferences user 3 into the call.

Use a phone bridge for larger groups. Inexpensive or free telephone conferencing sources include:

  • has many related services such as WebEx. When you sign-up for the free conferencing, you get a phone number and an access code that’s good for 30 days and does not require further scheduling.
  • allows groups of up to 9 people to meet in a teleconference. Usually includes registered Skype users but the host can connect a regular phone through Skype-out.
  • provides free conference calls and has a nifty interface through Facebook.
  • allows large groups connecting via Skype or a regular phone. Their premium service has a good web interface, call recording, and very high quality sound, even when a call has a mix of Skype and others.
  • has a range of services including a free dial-in service that you can schedule. It has a very elegant scheduling interface and has “local call” conferencing in several cities in the US. When your call time is over, it tells you and eventually hangs up.

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