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May 06 2008

Surplus time, work, diabetes, and the “connected futures” workshop

One of the issues around participation in communities of practice is “having enough time.” We challenge people to declare that they have enough time before participating in a CPsquare workshop. But people have always experienced a lot of desire and some disappointment during the Foundations workshop. It seems like there is always more to be […]

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May 04 2008

Learning about technology stewardship in the “Connected Futures” workshop

In a simpler setting, when we’re launching the Foundations Workshop, for example, I have developed a whole set of heuristics for figuring out when people are engaged and the degree to which they are connecting with the group. Some of the tell-tales I use include: Have they logged on? Have they sent me their picture […]

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Apr 30 2008

Assessing technology competence and comfort

Our connected futures workshop is off to a good start, I think. The launch phone call went well. For some of us, having a telephone call is very comforting. You feel like there’s a real person on the other end of the line (or in that other corner of the telephone bridge cloud, perhaps?). But […]

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Feb 12 2008

Phone bridges as platforms that play well with other platforms

The communities I work with seem to be using telephone bridges more and more. Those phone bridges are acquiring more features (so I think of them more like a platform with several tools on them rather than simple tools). For example, phone bridge platforms can send email announcements scheduling a call and make a recording […]

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Dec 28 2007

Gathering experience with teleconferences

There’s a pattern that’s developed in CPsquare and that I’ve been purposeful in developing elsewhere. I think it has lots of good learning practice built into it.  I put it on a public Google doc for a while, but since I haven’t received any comments about it for a while, I decided it was stable […]

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Dec 09 2007

Finding the mute button on Skype

For some reason it’s sometimes hard to find the “mute” button on a Skype call. It’s not one of those things you usually pay attention to. But it can suddenly be very important to find it when someone is calling via a poor quality Internet connection that introduces clicks, echoes, and other extraneous sounds into […]

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Oct 18 2007

Bandwidth and community platforms

I was listening to a client deal with the increasing utility and popularity of ClearSpace as a platform for several of their communities of practice that are in formation. The good news is that people are sharing and learning from each other using their new tool. The challenge (and I was accused of being a […]

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Oct 09 2007

Shop-talk 24 hours a day

Ruby on Rails is a new and increasingly popular web application framework. Like many technologies today, it has an active community of developers and they have the customary suite of wikis, file repositories, email lists, blogs and RSS feeds. One thing that catches my eye about the Ruby on Rails community is its very active, […]

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Jul 23 2007

Where comunities dwell and mashup corporations

Shirley Williams and I heard about the book at the same time, but she read it right away and I’m still wending my way through it. Andy Mulholland, Chris S. Thomas, Paul Kurchina with Dan Woods, Mashup Corporations; the End of Business as Usual; A chronicle of Service-Oriented Business Transformation (New York, NY: Evolved Media […]

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Jun 22 2007

The difference between software design and use

Guy Nadivi of made some interesting comments on my post about his company’s software in an email. It’s really messy to take comments out of an email in MS Outlook at put them into a posting in Word Press, but I thought they were so interesting I’d quote them here with his permission. His […]

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