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Feb 02 2009

A video interview about Digital Habitats

Ward Cunningham just recently set up his own channel on YouTube and has edited a conversation we had last Fall.  His philosophy for conducting interviews is simple and effective: make guests feel comfortable and ask them questions that make them look good. He did a great job making me feel comfortable. We start by talking […]

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Jan 14 2009

Easy match-merge

My work as a tech steward and community leader involves dealing with a lot of little sets of data that comes from different sources.  As our communities live on more and more different platforms, for example, it becomes a messier and more complicated job to keep track of who’s on which platform, and we often […]

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Oct 24 2008

Sneaking into EPIC 2008

Last week was the fall vacation for universities in Denmark, so their facilities were used for conferences such as AoIR 9.0 and EPIC 2008.  Many of the people who participated in either conference did not seem to know about the other one, even though to me there were many connections and overlaps. There was a […]

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Sep 18 2008 vs.

It’s really great when special-purpose websites are mashed together.  The effect is multiplicative.  For example,, although it has a really ugly pattern for a background, is elegant and simple and combines: “Tweets” from that have a particular hashtag Photos from that have the same hashtag links from that have that same […]

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Jun 27 2008

CPsquare Newsletter: events, conferences, and books

I’m posting this here because CPsquare’s blogs are broken (soon to be moved & updated). CPsquare book club: We’ll be reading selected chapters from Communities of Practice: Creating Learning Environments for Educators, edited by Chris Kimble, Paul Hildreth, and Isabelle Bourdon. See the table of contents for both volumes. Several of the authors are members […]

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Jun 26 2008

A super-tweet: autoethnography at work

Woke up thinking about all that could be done — and that had to be done today. Before walking the dog, at 6:15 am, I went through the previous night’s email on Outlook, looked at my schedule and made some plans: A workshop payment mix-up (money going to a personal Paypal account rather than the […]

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Jun 23 2008

Migration complete

I changed ISP’s and thus web and email servers and it’s been quite an adventure in technology stewardship (supporting myself in this case)! Here are a few of the steps along the way: I decided to reduce costs and increase my site’s flexibility, foregoing the wonderful, bullet-proof services at Easystreet a few months ago. As […]

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Apr 22 2008

Reflecting on the LLP Conference

At the end of January I led an effort in CPsquare to hold a conference that we titled, “Long Live the Platform.” It was a great experience. Sue Wolff took the lead in writing a report that describes the method of organizing the conference, the sustaining motivations driving participant roles, and some of the memorable […]

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Apr 08 2008

Multi-dimensional fun

I’ve just spent 2 days with folks from Harvard Business School Publishing, 2 days holed up in a hotel working on “the book“, and 2 days with Jewish educators at the PEJE conference. To top it all off, here’s dinner with some really cool members and friends of CPsquare, recorded and broadcast live by Beth […]

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Feb 12 2008

Phone bridges as platforms that play well with other platforms

The communities I work with seem to be using telephone bridges more and more. Those phone bridges are acquiring more features (so I think of them more like a platform with several tools on them rather than simple tools). For example, phone bridge platforms can send email announcements scheduling a call and make a recording […]

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