Jul 28 2008

Communities of practice by any other name

Several months ago, Diana Larsen presented her work on Agile Retrospectives at ODN. I bought the book on the spot. And later I watched this video where Diana and her co-author talk at the Googleplex:

In this day and age, when so many forums on a favored topic are sold as communities of practice, it’s cool to see people doing the work of convening and cultivating communities without using the name but all the learning vigor imaginable. These agile retrospectives seem to use very little technology in their interactions (apart from flip-charts and yellow stickies), even though the expected members are very technology-literate.

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One Response to “Communities of practice by any other name”

  1. […] Earlier today I blogged about learning from mistakes/failures, particularly with After Action Reviews. John Smith points out another method, Agile Retrospectives (although he is talking about this in the context of communities of pratice). Learning Alliances » Communities of practice by any other name. […]

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