Dec 09 2007

Finding the mute button on Skype

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For some reason it’s sometimes hard to find the “mute” button on a Skype call. It’s not one of those things you usually pay attention to. But it can suddenly be very important to find it when someone is calling via a poor quality Internet connection that introduces clicks, echoes, and other extraneous sounds into the call. Actually the noise is usually something someone else notices — and they tell you to find the mute button and use it. Kind of like, “Hey, you need a breath-freshening mint,” but you have to find the mint yourself!

When you can’t find the breath-freshening mint, it’s doubly irritating that someone says you need one.That’s it, in the picture on the right.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Skype detected the noise and highlighted the mute button?¬† In the meantime, we need to rely on our friends to tell us.

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3 Responses to “Finding the mute button on Skype”

  1. Lise Jasmin says:

    I have found the button, but if you clikc on it it says the the microphone is not working. How can we have it worked?

  2. smithjd says:

    You could have a hardware problem, Lise. The microphone could be un-plugged. The wiring on microphones is very delicate, so it’s easy to damage. The mute button is useful only when you have functioning hardware for it to control.

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